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Spray Tan
Vitamin D
Spray Tan
Vitamin D

 Tanning Bed in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Step into our salon to get a tan on our sophisticated and modern tanning beds.

We are an experienced indoor tanning salon with 10 branches within Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering an array of tanning services that include solarium, spray tanning and lotions.

Modern Tanning Beds

Megasun Lounge uses the latest technology available on the market to give you the best and safest experience for your tanning session.

Our tanning machines (the Alpha 7900 & Alpha 7900 Deluxe) are equipped with the EasyCare system that determines your melanin levels and automatically adjusts the time and amount of light exposure that suits your skin tone. It is one of the latest technologies that guarantees the most efficient way of indoor tanning that focuses on the health and tone of your skin.

We give you the latest in tanning equipment

Range of Tanning Equipment

Megasun Lounge is unrivaled in the tanning business with a huge collection of tanning beds and stand-up booths. Our range of German manufactured tanning machines include the:

  • Alpha Deluxe & Alpha 7900
  • Prestige 1400
  • Pure Energy 5.0
  • Revolution D
  • Hurricane
  • Optima Tower
  • Sunrise 488
  • T200 and T230
  • Space 3000
  • 5600 and 4800

Range of tanning beds and booths

Why Choose Us?

State of the art equipment

10 branches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Spray tan & tanning lotions

Over 7 years experience

For a sophisticated and quality tanning experience:

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