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Your Tanning Specialist in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

It’s time to tan! Visit Megasun Lounge today and benefit from our range of tanning services.

Established in 2009 in Dubai Media City, UAE, our indoor tanning salon offers professional tanning services. We offer a variety of tanning options, including: tanning beds, spray tanning and tanning lotions to help you get the perfect tan.

Controlled Tanning

At Megasun Lounge, we bring indoor tanning to a new level of luxury. Contrary to natural sun tanning, our controlled tanning process guarantees safer results. We specialise in a range of tanning processes. Once you step into our salon, one of our Customer Advisors will have a short chat with you to understand your goal, and assess the stage of tanning process you might already be in. You can choose the shade of your tan thanks to our latest indoor German tanning equipment: MegaSun by KBL and Ergoline imported from Europe.

For your comfort and satisfaction, we use advanced technical equipment that provides you with several options of entertainment and even power plates so that you can relax your tired muscles while standing in your tanning booth. Additionally, each indoor tanning bed is equipped with state-of-the-art cooling systems and can even send a pleasantly-scented breeze to calm and relax your senses.

Controlled indoor tanning is safer and faster

Our Various Tanning Options

At Megasun Lounge, we make it easier to have the perfect tan all year round with our 10 branches all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our range of tanning options include:

  • Solarium – is a tanning bed consisting of fluorescent lamps that emit controlled UV rays on the whole body.
  • Tanning Booths – a stand-up solarium that gives you an improved tan as there is no physical contact with the light bulbs and allows for easier movement.
  • Spray Tanning – is a form of spraying on the skin to mirror natural tanning.
  • Tanning Lotions – speeds up the tanning process by increasing the production of melanin on the skin.


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